New Zealand-ho!

Hello, everyone! Tomorrow’s the day, the big big day where I get on a plane and fly 13 long, sleepy, totally-not-boring hours across the ocean to New Zealand! I am so incredibly nervous and excited to start my trip.

I’ll be in school at the University of Otago from February 19th to June 21st. From June 22nd to July 5th, I plan on traveling around New Zealand and seeing all the wonderful and spectacular things it has to offer. Then on July 5th, I embark on another very long flight to Romania, where I’ll be spending a month working at an archaeological dig unearthing an old Roman fort on the banks of the Danube River. After the dig is done for the summer, around August 9th, I’ll be traveling around Europe for a few weeks before school starts in the first week of September.

My posting schedule during my trip will be very uneven. I’ll try to post every couple weeks while I’m at school, since I’m planning on doing lots of fun weekend trips, but I have no idea what my schedule is going to be like so it is possible my postings will be very irregular. Once school ends and I begin traveling, I’ll try to post a couple times a week at least. My blogging may slow a bit once I’m at the archaeological dig, since a lot of it is going to be very repetitive digging and sifting for objects in an area with little to no wifi, but I’ll start writing a lot once I begin my travels around Europe. I will try my best to keep you all updated and engaged, just bear with me if it gets a little boring sometimes.

I hope you all enjoy my travels and my blog. Comments and feedback are welcome!

Until next time,



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