Sunset Red

When sunset red unfurls and glows                                                                                                each beam an opal groove and veil,                                                                                            till August floats in warm repose                                                                                               when sunset red unfurls and glows.                                                                                              The nightingales warble in rows                                                                                               Bewitching hours as I exhale;                                                                                                        When sunset red unfurls and glows                                                                                              each beam an opal groove and veil.                                                                                                   – Andrea Dietrich

Perhaps the only upshot of the drought that Seattle is going through right now is that because the skies are always clear, we get some spectacular sunsets. Every night streaks of red and purple and gold bleed across the sky, shifting and shimmering from minute to minute until they finally sink behind dusky purple mountains and fade to black. A captivating and challenging subject, I’ve taken lots of sunset photos and have managed to get a few good shortDSCL_0807







Last week smoke from wildfires burning across Canada and Washington blew across Seattle, resulting in hazy skies, poor air quality, and some really interesting sunsets.






Hopefully soon Seattle will get some rain and the droughts and wildfires will taper off, but until then I will certainly enjoy the gorgeously clear skies!


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