About Me

win_20140717_191141-2Hello! My name is Rachael Lightstone. I am an avid reader, an intrepid traveler, and an amateur photographer. This blog was originally created to document a trip abroad: a semester’s study abroad in New Zealand, followed by a month-long archaeological dig in Romania and a few weeks traveling across Europe. Due to technical problems, I was forced to delete all my pictures and blog posts from my trip. This blog is now inactive.

I have lived in many different places across the world, from the cornfields of Iowa to the temples of Thailand; from Seattle’s oceans to Budapest’s skyline; in the deserts of Israel, the mountains of New Zealand, and the high-rises of New York City; and everywhere I go I discover a different kind of beauty. I have a deep love for nature, a curiosity for the stories of others, and a desire to show the world through the eyes of the diverse people and places within it. It is my sincere hope that my photography will help inspire deep thought and emotion in you, and that even for a moment you will be able to see the world from a different perspective: through the eyes of others and through my lens.